Les Amis des Enfants de Bethléem

An engagement in favor of children




Discover what is new in Switzerland, and find messages from our local team in Palestine.

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Je fais un DONJe partage et offre ainsi des moments de bonheur et de jeux à tant d’enfants en Palestine !Je soutiens !   Cliquez sur le lien suivant, et effectuez votre don par virement bancaire. Vous recevrez une attestation de don par e-mail. Bénéficaire  ...

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J’offre des petits cœurs !Cadeau de Noêl, Saint-Valentin, cadeau d’entreprise, décoration de table, etc…

About us

The purpose of the Association “Les amis des enfants de Bethléem” (The Friends of Children of Bethlehem) is to help needy children of the Bethlehem region to grow up to become the men and women of tomorrow, by giving full consideration to their particular physical and psychological conditions. The Association provides professional training and material to educators and teachers at local partner institutions that are taking care of children, starting at their youngest age.


The Association is based in Switzerland. It has no political or religious orientation or priority. It is exclusively financed by private donors.


Our local team

It is located in the heart of Bethlehem, in a luminous place including an office, a workshop for the creation of teaching material, an adult training room and another one for various activities for groups of children and all kinds of visitors from the area and from abroad.

Our vision

Tolerance, cooperation, dynamism, respect for children’s rights – those are the values that guide the Association’s work.


Our activities


In Palestine, our activities are aimed at supporting and reinforcing the existing structures of education, primarily in the Bethlehem area. Specific projects introduce the psychomotor approach to the development of children and encourage the exchange of knowhow within a network of institutions. Another priority is to favor the awareness of this part of the world’s particular identity.

In Switzerland, our year-round activities draw the attention to the purpose of the Association’s work. Events like exhibitions, conferences, and fund-raising meals and sales allow citizens to be informed about the situation in Bethlehem and to contribute to our projects for the children.

Supporting children of Bethlehem

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