Principles and objectives

A collaboration that started in 2010 with HETS (the Geneva University’s faculty of social work) allowed the Association to obtain the expertise of Anne-Françoise Wittgenstein for the creation of a concept to improve the competence of Palestinian employees who take care of small children. The new approach was first introduced at the Creche of Bethlehem, and then at several establishments in the city’s school district and at private institutions.

The overall objective is to stimulate the Palestinian child’s personal development

Most of the personnel taking care of children in the Bethlehem area is female, has a limited specific education, and wishes to get professional recognition.

Favoring a child’s development of movement, affection and knowledge means providing an environment in which it is stimulated, encouraged to interact, where it feels safe and supported. Our concept leads children to activities involving the body in a psychomotor dimension, combining physical movement with mental expression. The space of action is the game.

Our training program provides educators with a professional, practical approach to dealing with children, combining knowledge with knowing how to apply it.

Specific projects

Workshops and seminars at the school run by the “Sœurs du Rosaire”


Groupe of 90 children, psychomotor seminars for teachers

Center Ghirass

Psychomotor activities, seminars in an off-school establishment

“La Malle aux Trésors”

A “Treasure Box” with innovating educational material requiring an active engagement of all

Workshops and seminars at the nursery run by the “Sœurs du Rosaire”

Groupe of 30 small children, psychomotor seminars for educators

Objective 4 of the 2030 UN Goals


“To assure that everyone has access to a quality education, with equal chances and lifelong possibilities to continue learning”